I am a research-led practice oriented Associate Professor and A-rated researcher at Auckland University in New Zealand. I research the relationship between politicians, government and public opinion, mainly through the field of political marketing, but more recently leadership and government, considering how  public input through different forms (market research, consultation and deliberation) can be integrated into political leadership.

I aim to break new ground in these areas, but also support the work of other scholars through research organisation, nurturing leadership, resource and contributions to the profession. I also aim to transfer knowledge and offer short courses in political marketing whilst embedding transferrable skills and applied work in my teaching through courses like The Practice of Politics. For more insight see My Story and an interview on Campaigns Down Under. I can be contacted at j.lees-marshment@auckland.ac.nz

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The Ministry of Public Input – published by Palgrave Macmillan February  2015 – winner of the 2015 IAP2 Australasia Research Award

Chair of the Magna Carta 800 Committee for New Zealand

Teaching fellow for project Teaching the Practice of Politics

New Political Marketing and Management book series open for submissions