Practice/community-oriented Roles

Practice-oriented training, teaching and events

  • Organiser of practitioner panels at the 2014 NZPSA Conference
  • Creation of a map of NZ government staff working on improving public input into government and policy making and disseminated it, creating new connections within and outside government, November 2014
  • Co-organiser of ‘Connecting communication, engagement and policy staff in government: a discussion to collate ideas about improving public input and policy making in government’ with Michael Macaulay at Victoria University, Wellington, November 7 2014.
  • Political Management in Government for Auckland University students, 2014 onwards
  • Organiser of an Academic-Practitioner workshop ‘Integrating Public Input into Political Leadership and Government’ with IAP2 Auckland Branch, The University of Auckland, 7 February 2013 which attracted over 60 consultation staff working at central and local government, market researchers, local council politicians, and central government politicians.
  • Training on the Practice of Political Marketing delivered to Carleton University political management graduate students, October 2013
  • Practice of Politics course for Auckland University students discussing the jobs, skills, pressures and ethics of working in government and politics, 2013 onwards
  • Training day on Political Marketing delivered to Auckland University Labour students, New Zealand, 11 July 2013
  • Invited trainer for the Government of Macedonia’s Training for Young Leaders, to teach Political Marketing and Leadership, August 2012, part funded by the British Embassy
  • Training day on political marketing, University of Suffolk/Moakely Institute, Boston, USA March 28-6 April 2011
  • Political Marketing – Managing Public Perception, Victoria University, New Zealand, 2010

Applied research presentations and meetings with practitioners

  • Presentation for The Ministry of Transport, ‘Principles for collecting and processing public input for staff working within a ministry, November 5 2014
  • Presentation to politicians in the NZ House of Representatives, ‘Using public input to create space for political leadership in government: recommendations for politicians’, November 4 2014
  • Met with a range of government staff interested in The Ministry of Public Input research and working on improving public input and/or policy making in government August-November 2014
  • Meeting with Ministry of Transport staff to discuss what to take from the Ministry of Public Input report, 21 August 2014
  • Presentation for the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University, practitioner and academic seminar ‘Improving public input in government: Ministers’ Perspectives and Recommendations for Future Practice’, 21 August 2014
  • Presentation for International Association for Public Participation, Wellington ‘The Minister’s perspective on public input and recommendations for the future’, August 21  2014
  • Presentation for the IAP2 Auckland network ‘The Minister’s Perspective on Public Input in Government and Recommendations for Future Practice’ August 15 2014
  • Presentation to the International Association for Public Participation, Auckland branch, ‘The Minister’s Perspective on Public Input in Government and recommendations for future practice’ August 2014
  • Report The Ministry of Public Input: Report and Recommendations for Practice disseminated August 2014
  • Presentation to Princes Street Labour, Auckland University, ‘Playing the Political Marketing Game: to what extent did Labour play it well in 2011 and what can it do better for 2014?’ 7 August 2013
  • Organised an Academic-Practitioner workshop ‘Integrating Public Input into Political Leadership and Government’ with IAP2 Auckland Branch, The University of Auckland, 7 February 2013 which attracted over 60 consultation staff working at central and local government, market researchers, local council politicians, and central government politicians.
  • Presentation to the Northern Club ‘What John Key and Helen Clark can learn from Tony Blair about how to do (or not do) political marketing?’ October 2007
  • Invited/paid lecturer on political marketing and the 2005 election to the Chartered Institute of Marketing Specialist sub-group of senior management, Warwick University, 2005
  • Talk to PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia), at the Canberra Press Club, on political marketing, 2003
  • Formal meeting with the Malaysian Prime Minister to discuss political marketing, at his request, Wednesday 22 July 2009
  • Informal meetings with New Zealand National Party leader John Key to discuss political marketing 2007-8

Practice/practically oriented research and advice

  • Consulted by the Korean trade commission on managing the new female president and gender/first lady(gentleman) issues, August 2013
  • Advice given to 23 million (, an organisation campaigning for a review of the political system along deliberative lines in Australia, on the options for integrating public input into government, June 2013
  • Advised Young Nats about improving their Facebook site in relation to e-marketing principles, New Zealand, June 2013
  • Delivery of a political marketing advisory report for the Indian Government, ‘Developing an effective communications strategy for the 12th 5 year plan’ requested by the Indian Government’s Planning Commission, June 2012
  • Applied research for the New Zealand Act Party. This included a report and Keynote address, at the 2009 ACT Conference entitled ‘Political Marketing Plan for Act 2009-2011′ and applied international theory to data conducted and provided by Act including focus groups with voters and interviews with MPs and candidates. An ACT staffer noted in an email in 2012 that they ‘still refer to the material that was presented to the ACT conference in 2009.’
  • Applied research for the New Zealand National Party: discussions with Professor Steve Bridges about applying political marketing lessons to the membership provision and a presentation ‘Regional political marketing’ to the National Party Northern Region Conference October 2007
  • Lees-Marshment, J and J. Roberts, ‘Why it didn’t work for Labour’, paper published by the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2005

 Involvement of practitioners in academic events

  • The 2010 APSA political marketing short course Political marketing: the myths, value and ethics included a practitioner keynote and debates featuring advisors such as Anita Dunn, Obama’s first White House Communications Director; Sara Taylor President George W Bush advisor; Patrick Muttart Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper advisor; Peter Fenn advisor to President Bill Clinton.
  • The UK PSA workshop Political marketing: hindering or helping the relationship between government and citizen? Edinburgh 30 March-1 April 2010 involved the pollsters Roger Mortimore (Ipsos Mori) and Mark Gill (Woodnewton Associates)
  • Organiser of a roundtable Political marketing, public opinion and leadership in New Zealand at the 2009 NZPSA conference which included former Labour minister Steve Maharey,
  • Organised Academic-Practitioner seminar ‘Marketing New Zealand Politics: following or leading the rest of the world? on political marketing and New Zealand politics at Auckland University in 2006 including practitioners Mike Williams (President, Labour Party) and Steven Joyce (General manager National Party 2002-5)
  • Co-organiser of the Political marketing group 2005 conference which attracted 50% practitioner delegates to the e.g. Electoral Commission, Hansard Society, The BBC Politics Show, Political Editor for ITV News, Head of Labour’s Political Strategy, Deputy Director of the Conservative Research Department and Marketing Director for the Tories
  • Organiser of the Political Marketing Conference, University of Aberdeen, September 2002 which included practitioners in panels and debates such as Scottish Conservative leader David McLetchie and SNP leader (later First Minister of Scotland) Alex Salmond
  • Director, Centre for Political Marketing. University of Keele, 2004-5, for which I organised a seminar series which included practitioner speakers alongside academics such as Will Harris, former Director of Marketing for the UK Conservative Party

Involvement of practitioners in academic publications

  • Lees-Marshment, J (2009) Political Marketing: principles and applications Routledge – includes case studies by practitioners such as Gavin Middleton, NZ Act party staff
  • Lees-Marshment, J, J Stromback and C Rudd (eds) (2010) Global political marketing Routledge – includes a chapter by Roger Mortimore and Mark Gill, UK pollsters
  • Lees-Marshment, Jennifer (ed) The Routledge Handbook of political marketing includes a chapter by Alex Braun, from PSB (Penn Schoen Berland), and Roy Langmaid, co-creation researcher and former advisor to Tony Blair

 Practitioner citations of academic research

  • Political Marketing in the United States: ‘The authors have also created a particularly useful matrix (featured above) which outlines all the political marketing activity that a campaign can and should undertake…If I was running a political campaign, the authors’ political marketing matrix would be the ongoing basis for my ‘to do’ list and the blueprint for structuring my organisation.’ (Chartered Institute of Public Relations, September 2014)
  • The Ministry of Public Input Report and Recommendations for Practice – comments on the report include: ‘A stimulating contribution to the on-going debate about how communication between government and the governed (and vice versa), can be improved’ (Lord Tom McNally, UK); ‘I think the idea of a Ministry of Public Input, to work across Government, is worth considering. In theory each agency should be doing this anyway, but Jennifer proposes an all-of-Government approach’ (David Farrar, NZ National Party pollster and blogger); ‘The whole lecture theatre was convinced that our current system does not work and needs an overhaul…One of the benefits of a Ministry of Public Input is the ability for the ministry to be able to handle consultations without any bias and are able to present information clearly to government departments without interference…A Ministry of Public Input would be a clear division between the public and the issue at hand whilst allowing for a clean debate with good reasonable data that a minister can make a decision from’ (Public Voice)
  • Political Marketing: Principles and Applications 2nd edition endorsements include ‘An indispensable textbook of political campaigning, based on the most recent international evidence about what does and doesn’t work’ from Tom Flanagan, former national campaign manager, Conservative Party of Canada, and ‘Political marketing has become the field of study most relevant to those of us who cover politics and Jennifer Lees-Marshment’s work is crucial to our understanding of how this world works — not just in theory, but in practice’ from Susan Delacourt, Senior Political Writer, Toronto Star, and author of Shopping For Votes: How Politicians Choose Us and We Choose Them, 2014
  • Political Marketing and British Political Parties: The Party’s Just Begun and the Market-Oriented Party Model discussed in the book Shopping for Votes by Canadian journalist Susan Delacourt, 2013
  • Political Marketing in Canada listed by The Hill Times (Canada’s politics and government newsweekly read by politicians and advisors in the capitol Ottawa) as one of the top 100 best political, government public policy and Canadian history books in 2012.
  • Citation of Political Marketing: Principles and Applications in articleLynton Crosby: the ‘nasty party’ rhetoric of xenophobia by spin watch,, November 2012
  • Political Marketing: Principles and Applications 2nd edition endorsement ‘this is a wide-ranging and engrossing introduction to a field that, despite its central importance to much of modern political activity, is still too little understood by all but the initiated minority’ from Roger Mortimore, Director of Political Analysis Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute, 2009
  • Discussion about my keynote presentation to the Act Party in the New Zealand Herald within an article called ‘On the road back, but nasty bumps ahead’ by John Armstrong March 16 2009 <>
  • Citation and discussion of market-oriented and sales-oriented parties in ‘From sales to marketing: the evolution of the marketing pitch’ by Alex Marland and Susan Delacourt, Policy options, Canada, September 2009 pp. 47-51
  • Citation and application of model in ‘Leading from the top’, by Roy Langmaid from Promise who advised UK Labour government
  • Citation and discussion in Marketing the ALP by Dave Peebles, advisor to Federal Opposition