Sept 5 2012 1096Sept 5 2012 1087JLM talking

Invited trainer for the Government of Macedonia’s Training for Young Leaders, to teach Political Marketing and Leadership, August 2012, part funded by the British Embassy

This training explored how politicians and their staff can utilize marketing to help them achieve their goals, focusing on particular aspects of political marketing that are relevant to leadership.  It covered two main topics: Understanding and Responding to the Public (Understanding the pros and cons of market research methods, and consultants; managing market research consultants; building your strategy in response to research; developing a brand; balancing listening and leading) and Delivering and Leading in Government (The importance of delivery; pre-election delivery; delivery strategy; making delivery happen; managing delivery failure; communicating progress; marketing amidst constraints in government; new models of political leadership).

Sept 5 2012 1086 getting certificate Sept 5 2012 1092The President’s school for young leaders was hosted in Ohrid and organised by Gordica Karanfilovska who looked after myself and my husband who came with me extremely well. Here are some images from the teaching and Macedonia.

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