Political Marketing short courses

I have delivered short courses geared to suit practitioners with practical examples and interactive discussion, via Auckland and Victoria University professional development units. Political marketing – managing public perception was delivered in Wellington, New Zealand in February 2010; Public, Government and political marketing is due to be delivered again in Wellington on Monday 2 May 2011.

Typical course content

Understanding your public: accessing and capturing the views of your public, using research, consultation, segmentation and targeting.

Responding to the public: being responsive to the right people; building your strategy, when to follow and when to lead; building a brand that works for you and for the public, and is therefore popular as well as authentic.

Communicating with the public: how to make communication suited to the public, using market research and principles

Managing delivery: creating will for successful delivery, conveying progress and handling problems


Tailored or inhouse courses

Victoria/Auckland University can arrange additional short courses that focus on one or two areas, thus going into greater depth. They can also arrange short courses can also be arranged onsite/in house to suit a particular group or organisation (see www.victoria.ac.nz or www.cce.auckland.ac.nz).

 If you would like dedicated consultancy by Dr Lees-Marshment or contracted research in political marketing, Uniservices at Auckland University can arrange this (see http://www.uniservices.co.nz/).