“A TIMELY COLLECTION of essays by many of the youngest and most able scholars researching in this emergent area.” — David Dunn, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Film and Political Communication, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

“INTERESTING, CHALLENGING, AND DIVERSE. . . An up-to-date review of current practice and critical thinking in international political marketing.” — Declan Bannon, MBA, DipM, Lecturer in Marketing and Strategic Marketing Management, University of Paisley, Scotland

Current Issues in Political Marketing edited by Walter Wymer and Jennifer Lees-Marshment presents up-to-date theory and research findings from academics working in political science, advertising, and management, and guidance from successful practitioners who know what it takes to make a nonprofit organization stand out in a crowd. The book presents the latest thinking on marketing issues and the consequences of political marketing, including insights into current British politics that can easily be applied to democratic countries. It will help you develop strategies that make effective use of limited resources as nonprofit organizations face greater competition for reduced government funding.

Current Issues in Political Marketing addresses the ethical and practical difficulties in implementing traditional business approaches into the political and public arena. Political parties, the media, universities, local governments, charities, and legislatures are all adopting tools of marketing intelligence to understand their market needs and demands. This unique book examines how to adapt marketing to politics, including which marketing tools and concepts can be successfully transferred, and looks at the advantages—and problems—that political marketing can bring. Topics examined include political frames, agenda setting, voter attitudes, public-policy marketing, change management, relationship marketing, voter disengagement, party identification, market orientation, product anatomy, branding and segmentation.

Current issues in political marketing was publisher by Haworth press (now Routledge/Taylor and Francis) USA in 2005. See http://www.amazon.com/Current-Issues-Political-Marketing-Walter/dp/0789024381/ref=ed_oe_p and formerly in 2005 as Vol 14 issue 1-2 in the Journal of Non profit & Public Sector Marketing website http://www.haworthpress.com/store/product.asp?sku=J054)

The book was translated to Korean and published by Sigma Press in 2007 (ISBN 978-89-5832-391-4).