1 Introduction to Political Marketing

  • What is Political Marketing
  • Political goals
  • The Political Market
  • The Political Product
  • Political marketing functional tools: Researching, Strategic, Organisational and Communicative
  • Political marketing approaches: Selling, Product based transactions; Relational; and Experimental or co-creation
  • The Relationship between Political Marketing and its parent disciplines, Political science and Marketing
  • Studying and Researching Political Marketing


2 Political Strategy

  • Targeting
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Attack And Defence Strategies
  • Sales And Market-Orientations
  • Populist Strategies
  • Strategy and the environment
  • Measuring political strategy
  • Implementing political strategy
  • Case Study 2.1 Positioning for Power in Australia by Lorann Downer
  • Case Study 2.2 ‘Two Sides Of The “Political Marketing Coin” As Key For Winning Elections In Macedonia’ by Gordica Karanfilovska
  • Case Study 2.3 ‘The Green Party’s SOP/MOP Strategy at the 2011 General Election in New Zealand’ by John Wilcox
  • Case Study 2.4 ‘Maintaining a Market Orientation in Minority Government’ by Elijah Pear


3 Political Market Research

  • The Political Market and the Political Consumer
  • Quantitative forms of research:
  • Polling, surveys,
  • Segmentation (including voter profiling),
  • Big data – analytical and experimental marketing
  • Focus groups
  • Co-creation and deliberative research
  • Opposition, candidate and policy research
  • Global knowledge transfer and use of public records and data
  • Informal low cost political market research
  • How political market research is used
  • Case Study 3.1 ‘What Politicians can learn from Marketing: Approaching the Low-Involvement Voter’ by Tiffany M. Winchester
  • Case Study 3.2 ‘Target audience and segmentation in the 2010 Fidesz campaign’ by Zsuzsanna Mihályffy
  • Case Study 3.4 ‘Little data: Using social media to gain market research and inform campaign strategy at local government level’ by Nicholas Mignacca
  • Case Study 3.4 ‘Global Knowledge Transfer in Latvia’ by Ieva Berzina


4 Political Branding

  • Criteria for effective political brands
  • Branding Political Leaders
  • Branding Candidates
  • Branding Parties
  • Policy, Government and Programme branding
  • City and Nation branding
  • Maintaining and Rebranding Political Brands.
  • Case Study 4.1 ‘Everything in Moderation: The Brand of the New Zealand Green Party in the 2011 Election’ by Jack Davies
  • Case Study 4.2 ‘How Political Branding Affects Politics; Studies of Hassan Rouhani’s Political Co-branding Strategy’ by Mitra Naeimi
  • Case Study 4.3 ‘Personal and party logos in the Kevin07 campaign’By Lorann Downer’
  • Case Study 4.4 ‘Understanding the political brand identity and political brand image of the UK Conservative Party brand under the leadership of David Cameron prior the 2010 UK General Election’ by Christopher Pich


5 Internal Political marketing

  • Understanding volunteer demands
  • Creating volunteer-friendly organisations
  • Communicating with members
  • Viewing volunteers as part-time political marketers
  • Creating unity
  • Relationship marketing within Political Parties and Campaigns
  • Fundraising
  • Managing Political Marketing Staff and Resources
  • Central versus Local versus Volunteer control
  • Case Study 5.1 ‘Making the Net Work: Key Lessons in Online Political Marketing’ by Sophia Blair


6 Static Political Marketing Communication

  • Marketing Communication of Candidates
  • Research-led campaign communication
  • Market-oriented advertising
  • Insights marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Celebrity marketing
  • Get out the vote
  • Direct marketing
  • Targeted communication
  • Mobile/virtual marketing
  • Government advertising
  • Social marketing
  • Selling war
  • Communicating Change
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications.
  • Case Study 6.1‘The Presidential Election in the Czech Republic: A Case Study of Karel Schwarzenberg’s Campaign Strategy’ byMiloš Gregor & Anna Matušková
  • Case Study 6.2 ‘Rivers, Kids, and Jobs: Market Orientated Advertising from the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand’ by Thomas Seeman
  • Case Study 6.3 ‘Door-to-door canvassing in local elections: case study of Ružomberok, Slovakia 2010’ by Aleš Kudrnáč
  • Case Study 6.4 ‘”Humble and Hard-Working?”: Sergey Sobyanin and Alexey Navalny as Moscow Mayoral Candidates of 2013’ by Svetlana S. Bodrunova
  • Case Study 6.5 ‘Get the targets right and victory will follow’ by Jennifer Rayner


7 Relational and Interactive Political Marketing Communication

  • E-Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Interactive and Responsive Leadership Communication
  • Voter Responsibility Communication
  • Reputation Management in Government.
  • Case Study 7.1‘Communicating contemporary market-oriented leadership in government: Barack Obama’ by Edward Elder


8 Political Delivery Marketing

  • Delivery Challenges
  • Managing Expectations Pre-Election
  • Delivery Relationships
  • Delivery Units
  • Delivery by minority governments
  • Implementing Policy
  • Managing Problems In Delivery
  • Communicating Progress And Success.
  • Case Study 8.1 ‘The Importance of Delivering: Lessons from Greek reality’ by Iordanis Kotzaivazoglou
  • Case Study 8.2 ‘Marketing Mayors in Government: Graham Quirk and Len Brown’s delivery communication’ by Renisa  Maki


9 Political Marketing and Democracy

  • Political Leadership
  • Citizenship
  • Political Participation
  • Representation
  • Policy
  • Principle and Ethics