1. Introducing Political Marketing, by Thierry Giasson, Jennifer Lees-Marshment and Alex Marland
  2. The Canadian Political Market and the Rules of the Game, by Yannick Dufresne and Alex Marland
  3. The Diversity of the Canadian political marketplace, by Elisabeth Gidengil
  4. Amateurs versus Professionals: The 1993 and 2006 Canadian federal elections, by Alex Marland
  5. Under new management: Market intelligence and the Conservative resurrection, by André Turcotte
  6. The Impact of market research on political decisions and leadership: Practitioners’ perspectives, by Jennifer Lees-Marshment
  7. “Buyer” Beware: pushing the boundaries of marketing communications in government, by Kirsten Kozolanka
  8. Market orientation in a minority government: The challenges of product delivery, by Anna Esselment
  9. Does public opinion research matter? The marketing of health policy, by Lisa Birch
  10. Selling a cause: Political marketing and interest groups, by Émilie Foster and Patrick Lemieux
  11. As (not) seen on TV: news coverage of political marketing in Canadian federal elections, by Thierry Giasson
  12. Are we friends yet? Online relationship marketing by political parties, by Tamara Small
  13. Double-Double: Branding, Tim Horton, and the public sphere, by Patricia Cormack
  14. Marketing and efficacy: Does political marketing empower Canadians? by Royce Koop
  15. Challenges for Democracy, by Thierry Giasson, Jennifer Lees-Marshment and Alex Marland