Declan Bannon

Declan Bannon is a Lecturer in Strategy and Marketing at the University of Paisley, Scotland.  Research interests include voter behaviour, electoral non-participation, segmentation and the application of marketing theory to non-commercial organisations.

Josiane Cotrim Macieira

Josiane Cotrim Macieira is a Brazilian journalist who has a MA in Political Communication at Dublin City University. Research interests include: Political Communication, Political Marketing, Discourse Analysis, Comparative Politics, Political Posters, Irish Politics and Party Organisation

Jonathan Knuckey

Dr. Jonathan Knuckey is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Central Florida. His research interests are in voting behaviour, elections and political parties, with particular emphasis on southern politics. His research has been published in Polity, The American Review of Politics, Social Science Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, Politics and Policy and Party Politics. Currently he is working on a National Science Foundation sponsored survey of grassroots party activists in the American South.

Andreas Lederer

Andreas Lederer lives in Austria and works as a political consultant. He currently writes his thesis about political marketing and branding in politics at the Institute of Political Science, University of Vienna.

Charles Lees

Dr Charles Lees is Lecturer in Politics and Director of the Institute for the Study of Political Parties at the University of Sheffield.  He is Editor of the PSA journal ‘Politics’, Editor of the Manchester University Press series ‘Issues in German Politics’, Managing Editor of ‘Journal of Common Market Studies’, and Secretary of the Association for the Study of German Politics.  His research interests fall within the broad remit of comparative politics, including European party politics, the politics and policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, environmental politics and policy, and the use of institutionalist approaches to empirical research.  His publications include Party Politics in Germany: a comparative politics perspective (Manchester University Press, 2004), The Red-Green coalition in Germany: politics, personalities, and power (Manchester University Press, 2000), two edited volumes, as well as numerous articles in leading refereed journals and book chapters in edited volumes.  He has also provided advice and consultancy to the New Zealand Greens, Australian Embassy in Berlin, and the Scottish Executive.

Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Dr Jennifer Lees-Marshment was Founding Director of the Centre for Political Marketing within the Department of Management at Keele University (, and published ‘Political Marketing and British political parties’ (Manchester University Press, 2001) which broadened political marketing from campaigns to party behaviour; and in 2004 published ‘The Political Marketing Revolution: transforming the government of the UK’ (also by MUP) which argued that marketing is being used by all political organisations including the BBC, monarchy, universities, as well as charities, local government and the health service in response to the rise of the “political consumer.”

Darren G. Lilleker

Dr Darren Lilleker is a Senior Lecturer in the Bournemouth Media School and Course Leader of MA Political Communications. His current research interests relate to the ways in which politicians interact with society and citizens. Recent publications include a study of class dealignment and a number of articles covering the professionalisation of political communication, the use of political marketing and the impact of such trends. He is developing research on the importance of a local profile in parliamentary elections in the UK. In addition Dr Lilleker has researched the ideological debates surrounding British and European defence policy, from which a book (Against the Cold War, IB Tauris) was published in 2004. He has reviewed papers in political marketing and is Vice-Chair of the PSA political marketing group.

Alex Marland

Alex Marland is a Director of Communications with the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador. He has taught political science at Memorial University of Newfoundland, authored the article “Marketing Political Soap” (Journal of Public Affairs, May 2003), and is preparing a doctoral dissertation examining marketing in Canadian constituency campaigns (Lancaster University). Alex has held marketing, communications, and opinion research positions in Ottawa and St. John’s, where he worked on projects such as airline branding and government tobacco policy, and has been involved with the Liberal, New Democratic Party (NDP), Progressive Conservative, and Reform parties.

Sean McGough
Seán McGough B.A; M.A.  PhD at University of Birmingham on British Policy in Northern Ireland and Conflict Resolution. Research interests include Terrorism, Conflict Resolution, Political Risk, European Politics and International Relations. From January 2003 he was Associate Professor of International Politics at the University of Huron, London; and is currently a researcher on a Leverhulme project on the ‘Politics of food and farming’ at the University of Birmingham and a lecturer in International, European and British Politics in Coventry University.

Robbie Mochrie

Robert Mochrie is a lecturer in economics in the School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Pedro Patrón Galindo

Pedro Patrón-Galindo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, with emphasis in organisational communication, from the University of Lima (Peru) and a Master’s Degree in Political Communication from Emerson College, Boston (USA). He has worked as a journalist in Peru, as a consultant in Lima, Boston, and Barcelona and as a professor at the School of Communication of the Catholic University in Lima, Peru. He presented on Peruvian Politics at the 2002 Political Marketing Conference at the University of Aberdeen, UK. At the moment he works as Communication Director at the National Centre for Agricultural Research of Peru, dealing with press, marketing and information issues regarding the social and economic impact of the innovation projects held by the Centre.

Fritz Plasser

Fritz Plasser is Professor of Political Science at the University of Innsbruck and Director of the Center for Applied Political Research in Vienna. He has been author, co-author, or editor of 26 books and has published widely on campaigns and elections from a comparative perspective. His recent publications include Global Political Campaigning. A Worldwide Analysis of Campaign Professionals and Their Practices (2002) and as co-editor Political Parties and Electoral Change. Party Responses to Electoral Markets (2004).

Chris Rudd
Dr Chris Rudd is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Otago, Dunedin New Zealand. He is co-editor of The Political Economy of New Zealand and has published articles on New Zealand politics and the media. Currently he is working on an edited volume on political communications in New Zealand.

Christian Scheucher

Christian Scheucher, born in 1964, is an international political and public affairs consultant. He works for parties and candidates throughout Europe and consults corporations in biotech, medical systems, telecom, and chemical industries. He is a speaker at international conferences such as the British Academy of Marketing, the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the Political Marketing Conferences throughout the U.K. and is a frequent commentator in print media and on radio and TV. A teacher at the universities of Vienna and Krems he has published internationally in the Handbook of Political Marketing (Advisory Editor; Sage Publications), in the European Journal of Marketing, is European Editor of the Journal of Public Affairs (Henry Stewart London), and board member of the Journal of Political Marketing (Haworth New York) which he frequently reviews papers for. Christian Scheucher is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Vienna.