Chapter number
Title and subheadings
The political market and the rise of the political consumer
– The political marketplace
– The political consumer; advantages and disadvantages
– The consequences of political consumerism
– Political consumer – a mixture of citizen and consumer 
What is political marketing?
– Applying marketing to politics and differences between politics and business
– The development of political marketing literature
– Current definitions and scope
– Marketing concepts to be used in politics
–The political product
–Political markets
–Goals of political marketing
Political marketing strategy
– A Market-orientation in politics
– Newman (1994) Model of Political Marketing
– Lees-Marshment’s (2001) Market-Sales-Product-Oriented Party framework
– Omrod’s (2005) model of political market orientation
– Market-oriented candidate theory
– Broader Strategy frameworks
– Military strategy in politics
– Measuring strategic behaviour
Understanding the market: market intelligence, consultation and participation
– Identifying, segmenting and targeting your market including volunteers, and Get out of the vote (GOTV)
– Understanding market demands (Quantitative and Qualitative research)
– Opposition, candidate and policy research
– Party, candidate and government consultation
– Using market intelligence in positioning
– Barriers, limitations and potential of market intelligence in politics 
Product development and branding
– Product development
– Branding
– Practical and democratic issues  
Internal marketing: marketing to volunteers and the party
– Internal marketing and marketing volunteers or members
– Managing a market-orientation and internal change
– Product adjustment to suit the internal market
– Democratic issues
Marketing Communication and Campaigns
– Using market intelligence to inform communication
– Direct marketing
– Insights marketing
– Guerilla marketing
– Online or e-marketing
– Local political marketing communication
– Market-oriented forms of political communication
– Public relations
– Democratic issues
Marketing in government: Delivering and staying in touch
– Limitations of government
– Pre-election government marketing and progress reports
– Delivery
–Maintaining a Market-Orientation in government
– Strategy in government
– Re-designing and re-branding for future elections 
– Market intelligence as consultation
– Government marketing communications (including selling government policy and government advertising)
– Dilemmas facing leaders in power
Global knowledge transfer
– Political marketing practitioners and consultants
– Global political marketing products
– Comparative analysis of political marketing
– Democratic implications and ethics of international political marketing
Political Marketing and Democracy
– Problems with political marketing, considering effects on ideology, segmentation, internal supporters, short term focus, policy development and leadership
– Potential of political marketing including room for leadership and members,  enabling consultation and allied with deliberative democracy