1. John Ansell Advertiser for the Labour Party in the 1987, 1990 and 1993 general election and National Party in 2005 general election in New Zealand
  2. John Armstrong, Journalist and Political Columnist The Herald Newspaper
  3. Michael Barber,, Former Head of the UK Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit
  4. Judy Callingham, Former media advisor to Helen Clark Prime Minister of New Zealand
  5. Bob Carr, Former Premier of NSW, Australia
  6. Matt Carter, Former UK Labour General Secretary and Managing Director London branch of Penn, Schoen and Berland associates.
  7. Ali ChalupaFormer Kerry 2004 campaign staffer, and current staff at the DNC
  8. Nick Clelland-Stokes, Chief of staff for Auckland Mayor John Banks
  9. Damian Collins, Managing Director M&C Saatchi UK
  10. Jo-Ann Davidson, Deputy Chair of the RNC
  11. Justin Di Lollo, Former political advisor and current political consultant with Hawker Britton
  12. Iain Duncan Smith, Former leader of the UK Conservatives 2001-3
  13. Damien Edwards, New Zealand First/advisor to Winston Peters
  14. Brian Edwards, Former media advisor to Helen Clark Prime Minister of New Zealand
  15. David Evans, The Campaign Company
  16. Peter Fenn, Fenn communications.
  17. Eammon Fitzpatrick, Former media advisor state level, current consultant Hawker Brittain
  18. Mark Gill, Former head of political research at Ipsos Mori, current Director of Woodnewton associates
  19. Cheryl Gillan, Shadow Secretary for Wales, UK Conservative Party
  20. David Glover, Gravitas research
  21. Phillip Gould, Labour strategist/pollster and advisor to the Blair New Labour opposition and government.
  22. Bryan Gould, Former UK Labour Party MP and campaign manager
  23. Damian Green, MP Conservative Party
  24. Richard Griffin, Former Chief Press secretary to Prime Minister Bolger in New Zealand
  25. Rob Griggs, Former political advisor for Bob Carr and current political consultant with Hawker Britton
  26. Will Harris, Former director of marketing for the Conservative party
  27. Bob Harvey, Former NZ Labour Party Adviser for election campaigns in 1969, 1972, 1975, 1984; Labour Party President 1998 – 2000 and Mayor of Waitakere since 1992, interviewed in Waitakere city 13 August.
  28. Rodney, Hide, Leader of the Act Party, New Zealand
  29. James Humphrey, Former civil servant including Head of corporate communications and the strategic communications at Downing Street; current Director at Woodnewton Associates
  30. Sue Inglish, Head of Political Programmes, Analysis and Research, BBC News
  31. Matt Jones, Former staff at UK Conservative Party HQ during 2005 campaign
  32. Kamlesh Karia, Political development manager UK Labour Party
  33. John Kartch, Communications Director, Americans for Tax Reform
  34. Ben Keneally, NSW delivery unit
  35. Cyrus Krohn, Republican National Committee E-campaign director [interviewed twice]
  36. Roy Langmaid, (2008) Consultant from Promise, UK, advisor to UK Labour 2004-5
  37. Neil Lawrence, (2008), Creative strategist for the Australian Kevin Rudd Labor 07 campaign, , Singleton Ogilvy Mather
  38. Ben Levin, (Former delivery staff in provincial governments in Canada,
  39. David Lloyd, Former Head of Current affairs and News at Channel 4
  40. Simon Pleasants, Communications advisor, the office of the Prime Minister Helen Clark
  41. Murray McCully, National Party MP and strategist in 2002, 2005 and 2008 New Zealand elections
  42. Sean Macken, Former political and policy advisor and current political consultant with Hawker Britton
  43. Mark Mellman, Kerry 2004 campaign advisor and senatorial advisor
  44. Gavin Middleton, ACT Party Staff
  45. Stephen Mills, UMR Pollster to New Zealand Labour Party since the 1990s to present day
  46. Roger Mortimore, MORI polling company UK
  47. Mike Munro, Former Chief Press Secretary for Prime Minister Helen Clark
  48. Terry Nelson, Bush/Cheney campaign Political director 2004 election and McCain presidential bid Campaign Manager December 2006-mid 2007
  49. Brian Nicolle, Advisor to Rodney Hide and other former ACT Party leaders
  50. Jeremy Paxman, BBC Journalist and interviewer
  51. Michael Pringle, Green Party, National Administrator
  52. Paul Ranger, Director of Campaigns, UK Liberal Democrats
  53. Chris Rennard, Chief executive of the Liberal Democrats
  54. Rick Ridder, International political consultant, former advisor to  Bill Clinton/Gore 1992 campaign, Howard Dean 2000 campaign, Uk Liberal Democrats and Australian NSW Labour Party
  55. Simon Rosenberg, New Democrat Network
  56. Eric Roozendaal, (2008), Minister for Roads and Minister for Commerce, NSW Parliament; and former NSW Labor Party General Secretary/2003 campaign manager for Bob Carr
  57. Jo Scard, Former Labour Party UK staff member, UK journalist, Australian journalist and consultant
  58. Mike Smith, General secretary of the New Zealand Labour Party
  59. Will Somerville, Senior Policy Analyst Migration Institute, Washington DC and former IPPR, UK
  60. Nick Sparrow, Pollster ICM UK/former pollster Conservative Party 1995-2001, and 2003-4
  61. Scott Stanzel, Deputy Press Secretary to President George W Bush, White House
  62. Neil Stockley, PR consultant and former NZ political staff/research for the New Zealand Labour Party
  63. Sara Taylor, Strategist on the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign and former Political director in the White House
  64. Brian Tyson, Political advisor, Gavin Anderson and company
  65. Gene Ulm, Political consultant for Public Opinion Strategies
  66. John Utting, UMR pollster Australia
  67. Stuart Wilson, ACT Party Staff
  68. Mike Williams, NZ Labour Party President 2000-2008
  69. John Wright, Senior VP Public Affairs with Ipsos-Reid Canada and co-author of What Canadians think
  70. Rich Beeson, Political director US Republican Party
  71. Victor Billot, President of The Alliance political party in
  72. Sidney Blumenthal, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Third Way advocate, and advisor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination campaign
  73. Duncan Borrowman, National campaigns officer for the Liberal Democrats
  74. John Boscawen, former ACT fundraising manager and Epsom campaign manager in 2005, Act party campaign manager in 2008, and current ACT MP
  75. Don Brash, former leader of the National Party in New Zealand
  76. Alex Braun, PSB (Penn, Schoen and Berland) Associates New York
  77. Ian Brodie, Former Chief of Staff in Stephen Harper’s Prime Minister’s Office from Harper’s ascension to the position of prime minister until July 1, 2008 and current consultant at Hill and Knowlton
  78. Gareth Butler, Deputy editor of the Politics Show
  79. Garth Bray, TVNZ journalist & overseas correspondent in Australia
  80. Dorothy Byrne, Head of News and Current Affairs Channel
  81. Alastair Campbell, Former Chief Press Secretary to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair
  82. Fraser Carson, New Zealand Labour Party advertiser 1993-1999
  83. John Duffy, Advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, currently principal at Strategycorp
  84. Martha Durdin, Former staff in the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s office and current principal at Navigator
  85. Alexandra Evershed, Ipsos-Reid
  86. Goldy Hyder, Hill and Knowlton
  87. Brad Lavigne, National Director of the New Democratic Party of Canada and former advisor to the NDP leader
  88. Parag Mehta, Director of Trainees for the Democrat National Committee/US Democrats Party, former Dean 2004 Presidential nomination bid staffer, and on The Office of the Public Liaison Presidential Transition Team [interviewed twice]
  89. Patrick Muttart, formerly a Communications Consultant and the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Canadian Prime Minister’s Unit and advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  90. Nik Nanos, Pollster and CEO of  the Nanos Research Corporation a public and market research firm
  91. Leslie Noble, Strategic advisor to the Progressive Conservatives and campaign manager for Ontario Premier Mike Harris in 1995 and 1999 and current Principal in Strategy Corp
  92. Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform and Republican Activist
  93. Anne Pattillo, Pattillo consulting
  94. Scott Reid, Senior Advisor and Director of Communications to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Director of communications for the 2004 and 2006 Liberal Party election campaign, currently principal of Feschuk Reid
  95. Peter Riddell, Journalist and columnist for The Times newspaper
  96. Grant Robertson, Former Senior advisor to the Prime Minister Helen Clark, New Zealand, New Zealand Labour candidate and MP [interviewed twice]
  97. Chad Rogers, Former Senior Advisor to Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm, providing strategic planning and communications advice to the Premier and cabinet from 1999 to 2003, currently a Principle in Navigator Ltd