Special issue – Political marketing communications

2003 Volume 3, Issue 2

Article title Author name
Editorial Jennifer Lees-Marshment
Marketing political soap: a political marketing view of selling candidates like soap, of electioneering as a ritual, and of electoral military analogis Alex Marland
‘Labour Party: saved by the modernisers or modernised to be saved?’ Christos Rantavellas
MPs and web technologies: an untapped opportunity? Nigel Jackson
Symbolism and the construction of political products. Analysis of the political marketing strategies of Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo Pedro Patron Galindo
Mapping the production of political communications: a model to assist in understanding the relationships between the production and consumption of political messages Kevin Moloney et al
Voting, non voting and consumer buying behaviour Declan Bannon
Facing the Future: Young people’s Awareness of the 2001 British General Election Advertising Campaigns Janine Dermody and Richard Scullion


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