I was invited to go to Malaysia to give a keynote presentation on political marketing to 400 staff and students at UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara – see http://melor.uitm.edu.my/uitm/) on 22 July 2009.  I delivered a conceptual paper on setting up a Centre for political marketing and we engaged in several meetings and discussions to take this proposal forward.

I was also invited to the Prime Minister of Malaysia for a half hour meeting to discuss the importance of political marketing. Politics in Asia is changing as young voters become more informed and urbanised. I was then invited to meet the NZ High Commissioner.

I was treated very warmly, hosted superbly mainly by staff from the YKSM thinktank Radzi Latif and Yahya Mat Hassan and at UiTM such as Associate Prof Dr Shireen Haron. I also made contact with Dr Khairiah Salwa-Mohktar (USM) and Dr Mahmod Sabri Haron (Universiti Sains Malaysia – see http://www.usm.my/my/) – a political scientist and a marketing academic – and they were invited to attend the meetings.


Since the visit, Dr Salwa-Mohktar and I have been in discussions about developing an academic network in Asian political marketing and plan to run a workshop at USM, supported by AIPSA, in Penang in 2011

Associate Prof Dr Shireen Haron at UiTM and the other hosts have also discussed developing an institute for political marketing.