Canberra, Australia


In 2003 I visited Canberra and gave a series of presentations, arranged by Ms Fiona Childs who was a doctoral student at ANU and former government advisor. I presented a paper entitled ”Marketing British political parties from Thatcher to Blair: the potential and pitfalls of political marketing’ to the National Europe Centre, Australian National University, on the 5 September. I also gave the inaugural lecture for UCAN’s Centre for Government Communication, Australia, with a presentation entitled ”Substance not spin: political marketing as a relationship between citizens and the government.’ A presentation to practitioners – the PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia) – was delivered at the at the Press Club called ‘New Labour, New Danger: the pitfalls of political marketing in the UK.’

 University of Otago, New Zealand August 10-20th 2003

In 2003 I was invited by Dr Chris Rudd of the Department of Political Studies at Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand to visit there whilst on a trip to Australia, with the department paying for my Dunedin accommodation.

Whilst there I presented to students and staff, and together with Professor Phil Harris who had just moved to the Business School at Otago, a panel debate on political marketing.





The New Zealand visit led us to develop joint papers and finally a book, together with Professor Jesper Stromback, called Global political marketing.

It also helped link Chris Rudd and Phil Harris, stimulated the teaching of political marketing at Otago University, and also encouraged my move to New Zealand in 2005.