Service sometimes involves difficult challenges. I was Director of Quality at Keele in 2003-4, the year of an external audit where the department was picked to be assessed; this involved rapidly developing new systems and process to meet QAA standards in a year when we’d lost half our staff. I suspect staff (with good reason) hated me for the paper work I got them to do, but the dept – and University – passed the audit. I was advisor for BA Honours and PGDip in the year 2009-2010 – the first year the department applied a new capping policy to numbers on courses, there was an increase in applications due to the recession, and it was the first time one person had processed applications using the online system (the AR30). I still managed to develop a new system of workshops, create a new handbook, and support the students to run their own social events for the first time. The workload balance definately got off kilter during this time and I’m sure my colleagues became (quite reasonably) tired of hearing about why the AR30 and capping policy was difficult, but managing to create a better environment for students was really valuable.