• Featured in television, radio, newspaper and magazine articles in the UK, US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Iran, India and Thailand, including the following:

NZ Election 2020 – NZ media

  1. Newsroom Op Ed post election, ‘Warning signs and challenges for Ardern’s government’ 19 October
  2. Newstalkzb radio on what National need to
  3. NZ Herald, Exclusive election poll: Judith Collins’ displays of Christian religiousness – will it woo voters?
    TVNZ online story ‘Vote Compass: Who took out last night’s debate? Viewers have their say’
  4. Newsroom Opinion Piece ‘A political dance with no room for missteps’ Using Vote Compass likeability data
  5. Radio NZ Morning Report with Corin Dann about the leaders’ debate
  6. TVNZ live panel member after the first leaders debate,
  7. Newsroom article ‘Gaining traction in crowded political marketplace’
  8. TVNZ news ‘Vote Compass: Which minor party leader beats Judith Collins on likeability?’
  9. Newstalkzb radio about TV debates,
  10. 95bFM radio about Vote Compass
  11. TVNZ Breakfast live interview to launch Vote Compass

General topics in 2020 – NZ

  1. Q&A interview ‘How the role of a politician’s spouse has morphed to become an integral part of a campaign’
  2. TVNZ news interview, Winston Peters comments disunity coalition
  3. Newstalkzb radio, on the TVNZ Colmar-Brunton Poll
  4. Newshub TV show The Project, interview on political billboards
  5. TVNZ news interview, ‘Voting public growing weary of recent political scandals’
  6. Newstalkzb radio interview on lack of party policy
  7. TVNZ news interview ‘A look back at Todd Muller’s tumultuous 53 days as National leader’
  8. TVNZ news on Hamish Walker MP resignation
  9. Newstalkzb radio interview morning headlines
  10. Newshub interview on facebook regulations on ads for 2020 NZ election
  11. Newsroom Op Ed ‘National doesn’t need a John Key 2.0’, read by 10,000 people
  12. New Zealand Herald indepth interview ‘Jacinda Ardern’s ‘near-perfect’ brand: Personality politics and how marketing can shape elections’
  13. TVNZ news interview on National party reshuffle
  14. Newshub nation live TV interview
  15. TVNZ news interview ‘Simon Bridges ‘naive’ to retaliate against Australia’s deportation rules, Ardern says’
  16. Radio NZ live interview by Corin Dann for The Morning Report, ‘Should politicians bypass traditional media?
  17. Radio NZ interview on Winston Peter using Facebook live to deal with controversial issues

2020 NZ Election – Australian media

  1. ABC Online comments for their election night coverage
  2. ABC live interview after the last TVNZ leader’s debate
  3. ANU podcast Democracy Sausage, on the New Zealand Election
  4. Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) Commissioned article ‘It’s the political product, stupid: why changing the messenger without changing the leader won’t stop Jacinda Ardern being re-elected’
  5. Australian Diplomat Magazine, ‘Jacinda Ardern’s Re-Election Woes – Will New Zealanders stay with Ardern or succumb to the global rise of populism and nationalism?’

2020 NZ election International Media

  1. Pravda newspaper, Slovakia
  2. Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, the most read newspaper in Chile
  3. ABC news in Hong Kong post election
  4. Agencia Efe, EFE News, the world’s largest Spanish-language news agency, resulting in reports across countries:
    1. Los Tiempos, Bolivia, ‘Jacinta Ardern favorite party for elections in New Zealand’
    1. New Zealand elections could re-elect Ardern with ‘historic victory’ EFE/R7
    1. La vanGuardia, Spain
    1. Progressive New Zealand votes whether to legalize euthanasia and marijuana
  5. Le Monde, France, ‘Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, seeks second term’,
  6. Reformatorisch Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper with a circulation of around 60,000, ‘New Zealanders vote on prime minister, cannabis and euthanasia’,
  7. Swiss newspaper Le Temps ‘Jacinda Ardern, a triumph under the sign of the coronavirus’
  8. El Confidencial newspaper, one of the main media outlets in Spain, La fascinación política mundial es una mujer: detrás del personaje de Jacinda Ardern,
  9. Die Zeit, Germany,
  10. Chilean newspaper El Mercurio on Elections in New Zealand
  11. Chilean newspaper La Tercera preelection ‘El impulso de la pandemia para la campaña de Ardern’
  12. CNA938 Radio, in Singapore, a sister radio station of Channel NewsAsia
  13. Interviewr The Guardian ‘Danger lurks for Ardern even as her star power dominates New Zealand election trail’,
  14. Interviewed for the Japanese TOKYO Newspaper Tokyo Shimbun
  15. Interviewed for the Guardian UK about the NZ election

2020 General topics – International

  1. Interviewed by The Guardian ‘Two sex scandals in a week: New Zealand faces reckoning over MPs’ behaviour
  2. Le Monde, France, ‘In New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, a Prime Minister in the fray about NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’
  3. La Tercera newspaper, Chile
  4. Information Daily, Danish newspaper, interview for ‘a Portrait of Jacinda Ardern’
  5. Adweek, interview for US magazine ‘How the 2020 Presidential Frontrunners Are Using Music as a Marketing Tool: We break down their audio strategies, from playlists to rally songs to TV’

Media on Political Management book, 2020

New Zealand (selected examples)

  • Interview about the Flag and Key’s brand on TV3s Paul Henry Show ‘Key losing his charm – politics professor’
  • Member of discussion panel for current affairs programme Q&A, TVNZ, Sunday 1 March 2015
  • Interviewed on RadioNZ and TV3 news about NZ Labour’s search for a new Director of Communications, January 15 2015
  • Multiple commentaries and interviews on the 2014 and 2017 NZ elections for TVNZ Breakfast and Evening news, TV3s AM Show, Radio NZ, NewstalkZB, New Zealand Herald, National Business Review, Newshub and Newsroom
  • Range of New Zealand media for the Magna Carta 800th anniversary including a 30 minute interview with Radio New Zealand and Law News article ‘Marking the Magna Carta 800th anniversary in New Zealand – connecting law and society’ June 2015
  • Selected as one of ten New Zealander experts to be interviewed about long term trends that will shape the future of New Zealand for Bauer Media to offer commentary on the big trends in political marketing that will affect the lives of every day New Zealanders, 2014
  • Interviewed for and quoted in article ‘Rallying Labour’s lost loves,’ Sunday Star Times, New Zealand, by Vernon Small, March 2014
  • Interviewed by NZ Fairfax journalist Danya Levy and quoted in article ‘John Key: Safe hands, forked tongue?’ by Danya Levy and Paloma Migone, published online in the newspapers Southland Times/Manawatu Standard 10 November 2011
  • Interviewed for and quoted in article about the Auckland Supercity Mayoral campaign, ‘Brown wins the billboard battle – hands up,’ Herald on Sunday newspaper pp 18-19 July 4 2010
  • Interviewed in TV3 national news story about New Zealand labour’s membership survey on branding 21 April 2010
  • Interviewed for and quoted in ‘Brand, image, values: Colin James on political marketing’, New Zealand Herald, 31 October 2008 <http://www.colinjames.co.nz/herald/Herald_2008/Heraldxtra_pol_marketing_08Oct31.htm>
  • Interviewed for and quoted in ‘A smatter of principles’ by Gill South, in the magazine Unlimited, , 01-11-2008 <http://unlimited.co.nz/unlimited.nsf/toolkit/A902D9469845E467CC2574EB0077ACBE>
  • Member of TV Panel discussion on 2008 election campaign, TVNZ Media 7, October 08 <http://tvnzondemand.co.nz/content/media7/ondemand_video_skin?tab=&sb=date-descending&e=media7_2008_ep30#ep_media7_2008_ep30>
  • Interviewed in TvNZ National news analysis of the 2008 opening campaign addresses October 08 <http://tvnz.co.nz/content/2194873/video>
  • Interview analysis of John Key and National for a post-election current affairs programme Sunday on TVNZ, November 9 2008 < http://tvnz.co.nz/sunday-news/post-election-special-2356229/video>
  • Radio roundtable, Radio New Zealand, on Blair’s departure and Brown’s ascendancy as UK Prime Minister, Sunday group, hosted by Chris Laidlaw, 1 July 2007
  • Radio interview on The Wire/BSB radio, about Don Brash and John Key, Auckland New Zealand 27 November 2006


  • Interviewed about political marketing research for Australian practitioner Elias Hallaj for the blog Campaigns down under, September 2014
  • Interview on Australian National Radio by veteran interviewer Geraldine Doogue, 2003 http://www.abc.net.au/rn/lifematters/stories/2003/939809.htm
  • Radio interview, Local Canberra ABC Radio Monday 8 September 2003
  • Newspaper Article ‘Political marketing satisfies voters but stifles leadership,’ about presentation to the National European Centre The Canberra Times, 2003


  • Article for Canadian Public Sector Digest on the 2015 Election
  • Interviewed by CBC radio about the market-oriented party model for a pilot around the work of Canadian journalist Susan Delacourt for her book on political marketing inspired by the theory, March 27 2013
  • Commentator for a blog Shopping for votes on political marketing by the Toronto Star, Canada, 2011 (see http://thestar.blogs.com/votes/; and http://www.thestar.com/article/955550)
  • Interviewed for and quoted in Canadian newspaper article ‘Micro-targeting lets parties conquer ridings, one tiny group at a time’ by journalist Joe Friesen, Globe and Mail April 22 2011 http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/micro-targeting-lets-parties-conquer-ridings-one-tiny-group-at-a-time/article1996155/
  • Citation and discussion of market-oriented and sales-oriented parties in the Canadian context, in ‘From sales to marketing: the evolution of the marketing pitch’ by Alex Marland and Susan Delacourt, Policy options, September 2009 pp. 47-51

Czech Republic

  • Interviewed live on Czech TV with fellow conference speaker Aaron Ringel about political marketing, November 2010


  • Interviewed by Indian journalist Rizwan Mohammed for an article ‘Political icons’ in Motherland magazine, India, Volume 02. Issue 03. 2011. pp. 68-75


  • Interviewed for and featured in an article on my political marketing research for the Iranian magazine Marketing, published TMBA Company (www.tmba.ir), April 2013; article published June 2013


  • Interviewed about political marketing by Portugese online magazine, Marketing portal www.mktonline.net, 2008


  • Magazine article, ‘Partia Zorientowana Rynkowo,’ article written about political marketing for Polish magazine Marketing Polityczny, 2006


  • Interviewed for newspaper article Pravda in Slovak Republic September 2006


  • Thana Poopat, a journalist from Thailand (formerly the Op-Ed editor of the English-language newspaper, The Nation in Bangkok) wrote an analysis on the meteoric rise to power of former telecom tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra based on the Lees-Marshment model of political marketing in 2003 <http://www.nationmultimedia.com/search/read.php?newsid=73846>


  • Interviewed in The Guardian on PM John Key’s resignation in 2016 and new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern in 2017.
  • Consulted by BBC Scotland for informal advice for a documentary called The Psychology of Campaigning about generic trends in political marketing communication research, May 2014
  • Interviewed about political marketing for blogger Benedict Pringle – called ‘undoubtedly one of the foremost academic writers on political marketing in the world’ http://politicaladvertising.co.uk/2011/02/28/interview-with-jennifer-lees-marshment/,
    February 2011
  • Interviewed for background material for independent television production for Channel 4 for a programme ‘Election Unspun,’ in February 2005
  • Paid Radio UK 2005 Election night Commentator for BBC Radio Stoke 2005
  • Interviewed and quoted in the Times Higher Education on Hague and Marketing the Tories, 1998


  • US Advertising Specialty Institute Counselor Magazine 2016
  • Interviewed for the The Washington Post on the 2014 NZ election
  • Interviewed for and quoted in the US newspaper Washington Post for article by the Associated Press entitled ‘New Zealand Prime Minister John Key wins second term’ November 26 2011