Palgrave Studies in Political Marketing and Management Book Series

Series editor: Jennifer Lees-Marshment

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The Palgrave Studies in Political Marketing and Management book series publishes high quality and ground-breaking academic research in Palgrave Pivot form (25-50,000 words, 12 week publishing time frame upon receipt of final manuscript) and have a practice/practitioner element.

At its core, Political Marketing and Management is about how politicians, governments, political staff, parties and campaigns use marketing and management tools and concepts to design and achieve their goals. Scholarship is drawn from a range of disciplines and fields, and covers how political organisations and actors strategise, lead, organise and market, as well as intersections between these aspects such as the organisation of political marketing research in government department; the importance of leadership in changing how a party is organised; the organisational structure of volunteers within an NGO; strategic communication in political movements; resource management in political offices; and the strategic organisation of fundraising in campaigns.

There are already an exciting and diverse range of books in the series. Books published are:

Contracted books in progress include:

  • Political Marketing in the 2019 Canadian Election
  • Political Marketing Alchemy: The State of Opinion Research
  • The Ethics of Political Marketing

We would welcome new ideas for potential books – please get in touch. We would particularly welcome books on recent/forthcoming elections, but are also very keen on exploring new areas, and want to support books on political management (organisation, leadership, political HRM, planning, and reviewing or monitoring), and not just political marketing.

The series is contracted for both politics and management lists; the books proposals and manuscript is peer reviewed before accepting it for publication.

For further details about the series see these pages and the Palgrave’s page. Further details are in the Political Marketing & Management book series – full guidelines for authors-editors. Proposals may be submitted at any time.