My research plans: create the conceptual architecture of political management and conduct empirical analysis of political management in government

The gap to fill

Ministers, Chief Executives, Chief of Staffs, Campaign Managers and Party Presidents preside over big budgets, staff and organisations, but they are never trained properly. Politicians and staffers are left to learn through working/volunteering in parties first or on the job. Yes they might have taken an MBA or done a short course on leadership but that training uses research on companies. Government serves everyone in society not a specific market, and is about social good not profit. We need proper research on managing politics. Existing literature with political management in their title don’t use management concepts; are about local government; or economics.


Create the conceptual architecture to define what political management is and involves. This  connects business management concepts with political research, adapting theories to suit the political environment, much as I did with my first work on market-oriented political parties.

Work completed so far

The benefits

This project will scope the field and identify potential best practice in government and politics for further empirical research which can inform future training. Best practice theories will help politicians and political staffer get the most out of limited resources and represent and deliver for us more effectively.