In 2004 the Labour Party ran a national consultation on a whole range of issues and I incorporated two such meetings into my teaching.

On Friday 20 February 2004 local NUL MP Paul Farrelly came to Keele to run a big conversation with third year public sector marketing students, especially about top up fees.

And Robert Flello, a labour candidate who later became an MP, also came to Keele to run a big conversation with second year political marketing students. Students discussed various issues and concerns in education and presented potential solutions and suggestions which will be sent to central Labour headquarters. Robert Flello who ran the exercise commented on the students excellent ideas and suggestions.

This also opened the possibility of the university facilitating further consultation, also working with other organisation such Patient and Public Involvement in Health; enhancing and expanding the student experience and life skills as well and strengthening the university’s link with the non-profit/governmental sector.