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Practice of Politics 2014 course outline

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Global Practice of Politics project/teaching fellowship

In 2013 I delivered a new course, The Practice of Politics, building on the pioneering course by Dr Matthew Wyman at Keele University in the UK in, whom I would like to thank for inspiring me to develop my own version.

Jacinda Simon POP talk (2)Student evaluation comments included:

  • ‘It would be good if this course was a core compulsory paper for all UG politics students’
  • ‘Loved the C.V and skills audit – super helpful in the read world’
  • ‘Every workshop was valuable not just to the assignments, but also my understanding of how my education would be useful in the workforce’
  • ‘The first assignment was very helpful, made me reflect the most on my personal wants and will help me for the future and decisions’
  • ‘The chance to reflect on things which traditional courses don’t address was extremely helpful. One doesn’t always stop and think about motivations and personal brands and having the opportunity to do so was valuable’

Cath practice ofpolitics talks (6)The Practice of Politics aims to develop the skills needed for students to practice politics effectively; considering the range of jobs in politics and government, the highs and lows of working in politics and the skills to practice politics both effectively and ethically.

POP Media training 2013 (1)

The course covers:

Politics in practice: what are the jobs? The ideal of practising politics; Political Jobs; Political Practitioners; and the Highs and lows of working in politics including job satisfaction & suitability.

From study to practice: Academic advice about Practising politics effectively in terms of Listening, Representing & Advocating, Advising, Leading, Organising, Professionalising, Campaigning & Communicating

POP Media training 2013 (2)

Getting a politics job: Skills audit and development plan; Applying for jobs in politics; Interviewing for jobs in politics.

The Successful Practice of Politics: Practical skill training and the Ethics of Practising Politics.