Acknowledgments and thanks for resources and assistant that supported this research are due to:

  • Research funding from The University of Auckland: including two grants from the Faculty research development fund, departmental funding and summer scholars
  • Support and advice from practitioners and academics including: Carol Hayward from Auckland Council; Simon Wright from Wellington City Council; Carolyn Hendriks, a deliberative democracy scholar at ANU; Professor Lyn Carson, University of Sydney; Judy Callingham, media advisor in New Zealand; Patrick Muttart, political consultant in Canada; Dennis Grube and colleagues at the Centre for Governance and Public Policy at Griffith University; Ludger Helms, University of Inssbruch and one of the series editors of the Palgrave political leadership series; Andre Turcotte and Paul Wilson from Carleton University’s Political Management programme; Toronto Star journalist Susan Delacourt; Paul Fawcett at the University of Canberra; Brad Jackson, Victoria University Wellington; and Owain Smolovic-Jones, Open University.
  • Research assistance: students who carried out paid work for the project: Edward Elder, Renisa Maki, Lisa Kemp, Laura Young, Margaret Joiner, Phillip Wakefield, Robin Campbell, Pasan Jayasinghe, Sean McCusker and Stacey Berquist.
  • Art work: Renisa Maki for the paid work she completed on the presentation of this report and creation of many of the images including the Ministry of Public Input Logo and book cover design.
  • Interviewees: the practitioners and ministers interviewed for this project and their assistants who helped arrange the interviews.