Andersson, Edward (2010) Deputy Director, Involve interviewed by Jennifer Lees-Marshment at Involve’s offices, Tuesday 23 March 2010, London.

Anonymous 1 (2010) Interviewed 31 August Washington DC

Anonymous 2 (2010) interviewed 31 August Washington DC

Anonymous 3 (2010) interviewed 25 August Washington DC

Antioch, Gerry (2012), Australian Treasury, interviewed over the phone, April 4

Balzary, Mary (2012), Australian Treasury, interviewed over the phone, April 4

Banks, Simon (2012) Hawker Brittain, Canberra and former Rudd advisor, Canberra 24 February

Butler, Gareth (2006), Deputy Editor of the UK BBC Politics Show, interviewed 18th of April in London.

Carter, Matt (2007), Former UK Labour General Secretary and Managing Director London branch of Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates. Interviewed Friday 7th September, PSB London.

Diamond, Patrick (2010) Special advisor Policy and Strategy in the UK PMO’s (Prime Minister’s Office) No 10 Downing Street under Gordon Brown, interviewed by Jennifer Lees-Marshment Wednesday 24 March 2010 at No 10 Downing Street, London

Evershed, Alexandra (2009), Ipsos-Reid, interviewed in Ottawa, Canada, 29 May.

Farrar, David (2012) Advisor/market researcher for the NZ National Party, interview over phone 9 March

Finney, Charles (2012) Saunders and Unsworth, interview 15 February in Wellington

Gill, Mark (2007), Former Head of Political Research at Ipsos Mori, current Director of Woodnewton associates, UK, interviewed in London Wednesday 5 September.

Glover, David (2007), Gravitas research, New Zealand, interviewed 10th August, Auckland, New Zealand.

Goldman, Joe (2010) Vice President of Citizen Engagement, America Speaks, interviewed in Washington, 24 August 2010

Gould, Phillip (2007), Labour strategist/pollster and advisor to the Blair New Labour opposition and government, interviewed 10th September in his residence in London.

Henley, Geoff (2012) Network Communication. 14 February Wellington.

Hockley, Andrew (2012) Executive coordinator of the strategic policy and implementation group, Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet, Canberra, 22 February.

Johnston, Doris (2012) Department of Conservation, Wellington, 15 February

Leach, Jimmy (2010) Head of Digital Engagement for the UK FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth office) & former Head of digital for No 10 Downing Street, interviewed by Jennifer Lees-Marshment at the FCO Tuesday 23 March, London.

Leftwich Kitch, Gail (2010) Executive Director of By the People interviewed 31 August 2010 Washington DC.

Levin, Ben (2008), Former delivery staff in provincial governments in Canada, interviewed in Auckland, January.

Martin, Doug (2012) Consultant at Martin Jenkins, interviewed 13 February in Wellington.

Mehta, Parag (2009), The Office of the Public Liaison Presidential Transition Team, interviewed after the 2008 Presidential campaign and transition, over the phone 29 January 2009.

McCully, Murray (2012) Minister for Foreign Affairs, New Zealand Government, Executive Wing Parliament Building Wellington 14 February.

Mellman, Mark (2007), Kerry 2004 campaign advisor and senatorial advisor, interviewed in Washington DC, October.

Morrison, Al (2012) DG, Department of Conservation, Wellington, 15 February

Munro, Mike (2006), Former Chief Press Secretary for Prime Minister Helen Clark, Wellington, New Zealand, 28th November.

NZ Government Staff 1 (2012) interviewed 13 February in Wellington

NZ Government staff 2 (2012) interviewed 14 February in Wellington

Pattillo, Anne (2009), Pattillo consulting, New Zealand, interviewed over the phone 4 February.

Pattillo, Anne (2012), Pattillo Consulting, Interviewed in Wellington 17 February

Reece, Nicholas (2012) Director of Strategy, Office of the Hon Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia, Prime Minister’s Office Parliament House Canberra, 21 February.

Rogers, Chad (2009), Former Senior Advisor to Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm, providing strategic planning and communications advice to the Premier and cabinet from 1999 to 2003, currently a Principle in Navigator Ltd, interviewed in Toronto Canada, 19 May.

Rosenberg, Simon (2007), New Democrat Network, interviewed in Washington DC, October.

Shewan, John (2012) Chairman Price Waterhouse Coopers 14 February Wellington New Zealand

Suggate, Diana (2012) Department of Internal Affairs New Zealand, over the phone 5 March

UK Government staff 1 (2010) interviewed by Jennifer Lees-Marshment Tuesday 23 March, 2010 London.

UK Government staff 2 (2010) interviewed by Jennifer Lees-Marshment Friday 26 March 2010, London

Utting, John (2008), UMR pollster Australia, interviewed in Bondi beach, Sydney, February.

Williams, Roger (2010) Head of Marketing and Digital, Scottish Government, interviewed Tuesday 30 March 2010, St Andrews House.